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I’ve got a lot of explaining to do to some people. With the rare no-show to the odd show as well as a stinking cold to match, who’d o’ thought that it was the S/S collections I’d be viewing whilst taking with me a snivelling cold that’s more matched for the deep depths of A/W.

It’s always a pleasure to see Todd Lynn on the catwalk. He is, without a doubt in my mind, one of my favourite designers to emerge from the historically (debatable) doors of Central Saint Martins. Sitting here observing his collection once again has seriously hit home just how well the blog itself is doing. People are noticing it, people are noticing the work I pour into this. Just as long as they don’t start noticing me in the street I think I’m enjoying the ride. It wasn’t all that long ago, although boy does it feel it, that I sat in front of my laptop and watched Todd Lynn’s A/W ’10 collection, my favourite collection of last season. Inspired by hunting and the countryside the idea appealed to me before I even saw the sharp futuristic cuts that Todd put into his designs and now I sit here waiting for the 10 minute countdown to reach show time.

Covers off for the Todd Lynn show and lights dimmed as everything already becomes the setting for a somewhat Star Trek like futuristic playground for fashion. Neutral coloured fabrics are compensated for through asymmetric exaggerated collars attached around the back of the garment through clips, light patch work on the thighs and upper arms with snakeskin print being lightly highlighted through the backdrop of the neutral fabric.

Sharp cuts and beautiful tailor work are what, I think, we seemingly now expect from a designer such as Todd Lynn and his S/S ’11 collection delivered just that. And for the men? Above knee high shorts, again flattered by patchwork, as well as slim cut black jeans finished with the jacket of the season. From afar the jacket seemed like any other blazer yet one half resembled more of a cape with draping fabric covering one half of the male models shoulder and arm.

I myself am much more of a A/W collection fan however Todd Lynn has once again proven that a S/S collection can be dark, deep, vast and just as astonishing.


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