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“Clean room, clean mind” my mother always used to tell me, a precedent that heavily influenced my preference in design aesthetic. In toddler talk, Neil Barrett’s SS14 collection was clean, simplistic and humble. His designs were just that, heavily design led.  Read the rest of this entry »


Sometime, way back in the late 20s a Frenchwoman known as Luisa Jaquin opened up a boutique selling straw hats in the idyllic city of Paris. Today that boutique store, now based in Florence, has flourished into one of the most luxurious and inviting online stores the retail industry has ever seen, featuring some of the best online campaigns demonstrating the sexiness that Spring/Summer ’12 has to offer for both guys and gals. Now, it’s my favourite place to shop in Florence, without stepping foot outside of the UK.

The Paco Rabanne window display at Luisaviaroma, Florence.

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I, myself, have forever been an adoring, unofficial ambassador, and fan of Neil Barrett. His latest collection saw two toned jackets and tailored monotone print trousers come together in a shake up of the traditional young man’s evening suit. Turning it on its head and creating, in the unorthodox Barrett style, an androgynous feel through leather and wool.

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I dread the moment the clocks go forward. For most the uplifting prospect of lighter evenings and Indian summer night skies come to mind. For me it is quite the opposite. I do not function well in temperatures above twenty. I’m certainly partial to the odd bit of sunbathing, an ice lolly and the eye candy summer brings with it. However my temperature suffers. I refuse to let go of my functional absence of colour. Black is my everything and here’s how to wear it when the sun shines heavily from the mid day sky.

Don’t go getting yourself in a sweat about it. You need to compromise with mother nature at some point during the summer, else she’ll continue to burn out your retinas and turn that Ann Demeulemeester shirt you’ve spent months saving up for into a sopping mess of dripping thick cotton and soaking wet cashmere.

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