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Forget your big mags (but please don’t) and put down Vogue for just a few seconds as I share with you a new discovery given to us by ladies and men alike who appreciate the finer things in life, dhal soup, disposable cameras and posting bananas to the royal mail. Yes, a new magazine is born.

Cheeky, sophisticated, bohemian, free and inspirational are but a few words that come to mind after digging my way through issue 2 of Oh comely magazine. Decorated, not with glamorous (and glossy) advertorial content, but illustrations from front to back and beautiful ones at that. With features on heart break, forgotten friendships and lazy afternoons with ‘Emmy the great’ the tone might sound morbid but instead is far from. Page layouts are free from clutter and instead white space is dominant, imagine a home with minimalistic taste in layout and there’s your magazine. My favourite feature throughout this issue is a no brainer. ‘Did you get my postcard? Testing the charm and dedication of the royal mail’ sees the team behind the magazine posting the most obscure items into the post box and eagerly awaiting their arrival (or lack of arrival as it sometimes seemed). From full sized umbrellas, bags of flour unwrapped porn and an unwrapped pair of jeans the feature oozes humour giving the brains behind the creation a real human aspect, after all they are just that. Human. Although in my opinion, super human beings who probably have the cleanest bedrooms in England.

If you fancy getting involved with the publication these super humans are offering you a mission, should you choose to accept it to take some happy snappy photos with a few friendly disposable cameras (which they supply of course) and simply send them back! Now you don’t have to be intelligent to work out that some of them might creep into issue 3 so give them an email about it at Now go read read read!


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