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Sometime, way back in the late 20s a Frenchwoman known as Luisa Jaquin opened up a boutique selling straw hats in the idyllic city of Paris. Today that boutique store, now based in Florence, has flourished into one of the most luxurious and inviting online stores the retail industry has ever seen, featuring some of the best online campaigns demonstrating the sexiness that Spring/Summer ’12 has to offer for both guys and gals. Now, it’s my favourite place to shop in Florence, without stepping foot outside of the UK.

The Paco Rabanne window display at Luisaviaroma, Florence.

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No frogs presented themselves at Lucas Ossendrijver’s menswear collection for the French house Lanvin this season. Instead a modern day Prince toyed with a variety of heavy prints and romantic angles.

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My tongue has turned somewhat into the rattling, threatening tail of a snake. It was to sheer shock BryanBoy’s tweet caught my eye. ‘Lanvin launch’ the only two words my eyes had to recognise for my brain to then send shuddering signals to command the pit of my stomach to shrivel and sink.

Whilst I have been slogging my guts out in order to balance my university degree as well as my internship at Jasper Garvida I seemingly forgot. Yes, forgot that the Lanvin for H&M launch was today. My fingers, balooning with the sheer amount of adrenaline pumping around my body, were met with a website display that went something a little like this:

Note the prices next to the items. What was once a high street price tag in accordance with high end couture now sold out. Everything (bar a disgusting down town brown cap, which I chucked in my basket later to discard) was gone. Now let me get this clear. To all those of you who queued over night, sat in the cold, dark and dank conditions on Oxford Street yesterday evening, I applaud you and hope to God your dress or suit fits. As H&M closed their changing rooms in order to comply with minimal shopping time per buyer it was a case of cross your fingers and hope for the best.

I however was not one of these hard core Lanvin lovers. On the other hand I am left with a hole in my stomach at the very thought of someone else picking up a pair of male sunglasses by Lanvin I had been dreaming about for weeks. The romantic ruffles and quirky layering Lanvin executed in his H&M range are of no use to me. But the timeless thick lensed, incognito shapely sunnies with black tinted lenses? Well that is something my boxing gloves were ready to swing for. Unless my boyfriend has kindly gone out of his way to surprise me with a pair then it is fate telling me the hard truth. That is unless someone in the studio leaves their pair lying around. I hold no responsibility for items going missing.

What was a marketted £14.99 pair of Lanvin sunglasses has become an eBay hoggers dream. Those selfish, snidy little raccoons who buy in bulk in order to pocket a profit are at it again. I instantly took to the internet flogging giant to see if I could bid. This is what I found:

Enough said. The next person to send me an authentic pair of Lanvin H&M sun glasses can have my hand in marriage. I’m not even joking.


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