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My time interning at Jasper Garvida will certainly be a remembered experience. It made me realise just how many people were behind a 20 minute show. The lights, the dressing, the goody bags, the doors, the shoes and of course the champagne all came together perfectly because of a tight-knit and well-disciplined team. I was proudly part of that team on Friday as Jasper showcased his latest collection entitled ‘Le Basier’ or The Kiss at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the official opening to London Fashion Week.

Here’s a sneak peak into the realms behind the catwalk where I was so very rushed off my toes half of my images came out somewhat blurry. If not completely obscured. Read the rest of this entry »


Sometimes people don’t believe me when I tell them I am interning at Jasper Garvida. In fact some people find it even more astounding to think that I work alongside a team with such ambition and such a huge amount of history behind the label in such a short period of time. So how has the experience so far of working as a fashion PR intern at Jasper Garvida opened up my eyes to the reality of the fashion industry? That’s a very big question.

I’ve been there for only a week already and I’ve been involved. Just the other day I was whisked down to the Miele gallery in Regent Street to meet with some very lovely PR girls to arrange the up and coming salon show for Jasper with Managing Director Yukun Zhao. Night time terror stories I have been led to believe such as: walking the office dog, spilling hot coffee on a show piece garments or dealing with the devil himself, are all proven untrue. I did not in fact throw myself into a design team whose interpretation of an intern is to use and abuse. Quite the opposite. I am loving each and every minute because I am classed as one of the Garvida team. Treated respectfully and gaining so much valuable experience through practise along the way. I can not express the word practise enough. I am booking models, preparing shows, assisting in dressing the models, picking out garments from an array of collections to show and dealing with clients on the phone. I am actually learning. So why am I so shocked?

Truth be told, and I wont mention any names, my university friends have confided in me about their experiences whilst interning. The sheer number of complaints I read on twitter pages and facebook pages alike left me feeling astounded at how lightly their positions as interns was taken. ‘I’ve nothing to do all day’ they would say. ‘I’ve cried without fail 4 days out of 5’.

But not for me. I’ve loved every minute of my intern ship so far. The only difficult thing about it? Finding a balance between university and work. But that, evidentially, is something I am learning to do along the way. I have been in charge of writing press releases, communicating with clients and other PR agencies. The break away from academic slog to creative wonder has been the most refreshing experience since my show this morning.

For those of you not familiar with designer Jasper Garvida please find below, some pieces from his A/W ’10 collection and even more exciting, his S/S collection. Both collections will be on show at the Miele gallery event on the 25th November. Tickets are £20 and this promises to be one of Jasper’s most intimate affairs yet! The event is being covered by InStyle magazine and Miele will no doubt be showing off some of their fantastically futuristic appliances along the way. So if you fancy a night filled with beautiful people, beautifully created garments and of course me running around like a headless chicken queueing the models backstage then follow the link here to purchase the ticket you’ll no doubt never regret buying.

A/W '10 Charleston Dress

S/S Ora Waistcoat

A/W London Dress (print)

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