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Monday night summoned the most important date in any industry members calendar, albeit it an evening of questionable acknowledgements (Harry Styles winning the British Style Award), the best of British talent was celebrated. I celebrated with colleagues, former colleagues and my dearest Ella, La Petit Anglais. 

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Discard the singular idea of fashion for purpose alone. This season designers laced the garment with elegance; counteracting any stereotypical connotation the puffa is bulky, unflattering and excessive in volume alone.

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Christopher Bailey has confronted the boundaries of quintessential British design with a post-modern approach to which the Prorsum collection always delivers ambiguity. The masculine tailoring partnered with belted waistlines and hide trimmed duffel coats gave way to a collection far more feminine in fragility than previously suspected. Yet before Bailey’s U turn in gender related design an opening of virtual rain decorated the head board to the catwalk whilst finishing with a much more real type of wet as rain ultimately drenched the entire catwalk.

Unlike Bailey’s tendencies to stick firmly to re modifying the classic and masculine trench coat we were greeted with the likes of astakhan collars framing tailored caban coats in soft baby blues and check felted wool. Shawl collars made entirely of mink decorated black top coats whilst brown mink coats were complimented with lighter shades of suede trimming.

The feminine stance taken by Bailey delivered much deliberation as to the capability of conforming to a sales target, with shawl collars made of mink raising a traditionalist eye brow or two the approach for this collection was certainly no macho mans dream. In fact, the collection gave off a much younger, metro sexual appeal. Over sized sculptural coats engulfed the models with skinny legged grey trousers. The image partly gave way to interpretation of “dress up”. The image of a young boy dressed in his fathers clothes was created through size and the sheer strength in material Bailey decided upon using.

Single breasted trench coats made of laminated wool in bright amber were accompanied with nylon tote bags in dark wine whilst an over sized sculptural coat made entirely of mink fur with leather binding was paired with fur flap caps.

Bailey has been scrutinised for his latest menswear collection yet it is necessary to remember that Burberry has always been an out-wear label and through Bailey’s curiosity and exploration with the elements he ripped the roots of the Prorsum tree out of the ground and displayed them in a rather re-invented manner.

As journalists and designers alike ponder on new ways to tackle, fend off and destroy the digital age Burberry’s Creative Director Christopher Bailey stands high and mighty on a pedestal as he embraces the world wide web to connect more personally with fan and idols of the brand.

It was only a matter of weeks ago we sat back and enjoyed the digital streaming of London Fashion Week. If we were not there in the flesh we certainly were in spirit. It was a time of fashion tweeting trends with a twist. Christopher Bailey left behind the analogue lifestyle, taking up the responsibility of personally tweeting users via the Burberry twitter account. Needless to say the account was swamped with excess followers thriving at the chance to receive a mere few characters from the man himself.

Today brings with it a new phenomenon as Christopher Bailey answers facebook users questions about the label. Everything from the HQ in central London to ‘how do I get an internship at Burberry?’ (something I took note of for future reference). Bailey also discusses his respect for Emma Watson during her time on the Burberry campaign. If Burberry was ever labelled quintessential it is certainly breaking the mould and embracing the future of digital marketing. The PR team must be incredibly excited. Now to apply for an internship. Wish me luck. Click here to view the video.


If it were down to me Christopher Bailey would be gay and my wardrobe would be a shrine to Burberry, specifically Prorsum. I mean come on, the best I can afford is the undies I grabbed for the Triumph Inspiration Awards last week. But I must say, it was a snuggly privilege to wear underwear made by my favourite design. I just sat at the Triumph Awards and thought to myself ‘I just know I look good naked. Probably better than most of you here’. Especially Alexandra Burke, that’s a no brainer.

So it will come as no surprise to find that I was NOT at the Burberry S/S ’11 collection show. I mean my blog hardly suffices as a landmark fashion ensemble, yet Sarah Jessica Parker’s array of head wear does, even if she didn’t sport one at Burberry’s S/S collection earlier today.

If you want a trend forecast for S/S ’11 then I would have to merely say that, judging on Burberry’s latest collection, studs are an essential. There has always been a vast nostalgic vibe that has seeped out of Christopher Bailey’s work over the years since that fateful day when he stumbled upon a gallery of photos of bikers in the Burberry archives. The S/S collection appeared to give off just the same vibe.

Jackets as well as trousers were littered with shiny, dangerously sharp, studs covering the shoulders, arms and cuffs of many of the leather jackets shown. A somewhat futuristic angle was clear through Christopher Bailey’s use of silver trousers for women with detail directly focussing on the knee pads and ankles. Dare I say, and forgive me for this, that the silver trousers together, with the Burberry sunglasses had me wondering when Agent Smith or Neo were going to turn up.

Burberry naturally wouldn’t be Burberry without the trademark trench coat, another reason why I just had to buy one for winter, even if it is Uniqlo. The trench coat itself was dealt a revamp this season with black stripes flowing down the cuts of the coat finished with a blue belt. I didn’t think it would work at first but then again who am I to question a man such as Christopher Bailey?

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