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Beauty, to Robert Wun, is more than what the eye alone can see. His curiosity towards a deeper attraction led him to microphotographs of butterflies and moths. Insects we perceive to be symmetrical and consequently, beautiful. Yet it was the flaws in nature that triggered Wun’s interest, propelling this London College of Fashion student to delve into the idea that nothing is perfect.

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Perhaps, not a new concept, Johnathan Pearson, a photography student at The Arts University College at Bournemouth, goes about relaying a message of unobtainable perfection in the editorial world.

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Alan Taylor, previously working with Simone Rocha, has taken to redefining the perception of the word ‘masculine’. This season his man is stripped of masculinity, rebuilt and made once more in his new collection that sees tribal referencing, social unrest and chaos with a cause, redefine his definition of menswear entirely.

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Below: The Hussein Chalayan ‘Panoramic’  shoot executed in co-operation with Becks.
Styling beautifully performed by Claudia Bothe, and assisted by myself, Joshua Drew.

Note credits.
Further note that copyright is exclusive to SHOWStudio, Becks & CHALAYAN LLP.

Hussein Chalayan lies under a misty blanket of his previous success. Geometrics, One hundred and eleven and Afterwords but to name a few. Such collections have been a spellbound of scientifically outstanding dynamics, pushing the boundaries of fashion design and blurring the line between technological advances and fine art.

Chalayan’s collaboration with Swarovski has seen further experimentation with light and crystals as well as density through reflection, leading the way for a more conceptual approach.

The designer, labelled by many as the ‘mad-scientist’ of fashion design has spoken firmly regarding his versatility. Clothes, to him, are still items to be worn. Yet design is not diluted to make way for practicality as demonstrated in a fusion of ivory and floral prints in his latest Spring Summer 2012 collection, ‘Sip’.

The house of Chalayan has toyed, for some time now, with the idea of motion and movement. Apparent in the latest collaborative design with Puma as well as being the inspiration for his most recent fragrance launch in collaboration with Comme des Garcons, ‘Airborne’. This idea was once again explored through the idea of floating dresses. Clinically white chiffon insert dresses framed periodic floral prints in a contemporary fusion.

Insert dresses were also showcased featuring neanderthal inspired prints of hunting framed against a backwash of intricate and detailed rock formations.

Electrifyingly reflective metallic formed tailored circle shorts whilst wilting sun hats rounded off a collection strongly directed towards a more exotic climate.

The pleated Bark skirt was also revisited by the house this season, paired with asymmetric cut out jackets in an array of light apricot, sorbet lime and black adding an expected conceptual edge to an otherwise practical and intelligent design.

Whilst prints surrounded floral patterns this season the house translated the idea of motion and speed through embroidery. Featured on waistcoats and sleeveless dresses the brush stroked print laid on a backdrop of black, emphasising the radically generous colour pallet.

Since announcing the design house would be dropping its first name in preference of Chalayan last summer Hussein has demonstrated a more practical approach towards ready to wear designs yet his ambitious and individual perspective on shape, sound and movement allow the technical genius of fashion to merge conceptual design and practicality without compromising on inhouse values and a consistent beautiful aesthetic.



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Lady GaGa introduces the first of her five, to be, fashion films promoting the artistic work behind the videos and shining a spotlight on designers and their in house teams.
Here, GaGa wears a one-off creation by studio Chalayan.

Featured in the new edition of WONDERLAND magazine.

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Issy just didn’t care. We need another Issy. – Mario Testino

I have always considered myself a dignified male. I am perhaps not from aristocracy. I perhaps am not wealthy enough to endorse in new design talent but if anything is unconditional it is my grief that Isabella Blow did not stay alive long enough for my career to ever lead me towards her.

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Robbie Spencer, conventionally known for his menswear specification in the Dazed studios, branches out into a photo shoot entitled ‘Gold Digger’ to bring together an array of futuristic and conceptual designs. Spitting in the face of comfort and practicality.

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Some things in life are simply made to be beautiful and Amelia Gregory is no exception. Her most recent creative project indulges into the realms of ethical fashion design. Littered with illustrations of pure imagination and highlighting the very best in creative talent Amelia’s Magazine brings a new essential for any coffee table surface.

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion illustration is certainly a book to be judged by its cover as it showcases a  beautiful pearlised cover designed by the Arizona based artist Andrea Peterson. It is evidential that the woman behind this creation holds ethical and global issues close to her heart as she illustrates fashion in a way that exposes the benefits of ethical design in a day and age where the outlook on resources is bleak.

By Stamo illustrated by Krister Selin.

Christopher Raeburn illustrated by Gemma Milly.

The book focuses its illustration mainly around fashion however branches off nicely into areas of music and art, again accompanied with beautiful illustrations from many familiar faces from the Amelia’s magazine website. The website has forever offered readers an indulgence into the wonderful talent that lay on the front line of fashion illustration and Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration once again brings the creative power of a group of stunning illustrators to convey a strong, aesthetic and most importantly, beautiful message to the world of fashion.

Minimalism is a distant memory as Amelia Gregory focuses on a layout to keep hunger of the eyes well at bay and a creative addiction very well fed.

For me, the beauty lay not only in the aesthetic of the design and showcased illustration that the book has to offer but the message it conveys to its audience through the power of ingenious art work.

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