Calmly responding to my questions in between a transatlantic flight Robert Wun seems oddly calm and modest for a man whose footwear creations have recently been sported by one of the most famous women on the planet.

You may never have heard of Robert, and you’d be forgiven for not name-dropping him at last weeks dinner party. Robert, aged 22 graduated from the London College of Fashion only two years ago. Since then he has been constructing heavy-duty materials into concepts of complex design, and he’s well worth your attention.

Ying and yang are essentially the building blocks for Roberts eponymous label. He is intrigued in exploring the workings of natural and artificial life. “I’m always into ideas surrounding the balance that exists between two extremes, especially the relationship between man and nature,’ he tells me. His monochromatic designs are a more literal representation of these ideas.


For spring summer 2014 Robert’s latest collection, entitled ‘Eden’, looks at the balance between life and death. His hero piece within the collection being a recreated ivory ensemble created entirely from ‘bones’ to form a symmetrical corset pleated dress. This is his first exploration of death within his collection as he explains: “bones have always been symbolized negatively, I wanted to create another perspective.”

Design is centered on the idea of religion too. Silhouette references come from the traditional uniforms of priests and nuns. Skirts are given a contemporary feel through cutting and slicing into more abstract shapes and shorter lengths.

A most unorthodox design in Robert’s collection is undoubtedly his footwear.  Towering platforms like these have even gained this young designer celebrity recognition with Pop’s brightest flame, Lady GaGa, casually sporting a pair of Robert’s famous ‘Rhino’ heel.


So how does this young designer feel about his collection being in the celebrity limelight? “It’s great to see your work recognized by somebody remarkable,” he tells me. “ But I don’t think designers should take celebrities too literally or as a muse.”

With his own labels e-commerce website turning orders into reality for women across the globe Robert doesn’t under estimate the market for a menswear collection as we ask him if his male fan base will have to wait much longer: “Hopefully in the near future! I already have my ideas in place for my men’s collection. I’m just waiting for the right moment.”