You can take the boy out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the boy as Benjamin Bertram demonstrates in his latest collection, entitled ‘Suburban Boys’.

Inspired by a disenfranchised youth Benjamin taps into a generation on the brink of waste, broken promises and a lack of self-worth.

Garments are colourless, a striking similarity to the architecture chosen as the backdrop to illustrate Bejamin’s concept.

Broken down, the collection consists of simple basics. White sport shorts are layered over tight black jeans and although potentially demure, at a glance, it is the detail in design that transforms this suburban boy into a figure of versatility.

Sleeveless shirts have an added sense of geometry with an angular button down seam. Leatherette tank tops and androgynous pleated jumpsuits emphasize Benjamin’s sleek vision. The beauty is in the contrast. A Neoprene 3D jog top explodes from the torso and biceps, emphasizing the male strength, whilst an oversized waxed sleeve coat add to a more imposing figure.

Silhouette seems key to Benjamin, and rightfully so as he explains:  “The collection focuses on cut and form to create a look that’s cool and directional but still wearable.”

Consisting of no colour the collection boasts glimmers of gold that Benjamin tells me represent an aspect of rap culture, a further reference to the London riots.

No matter how tough Benjamin’s Suburban boys appear, there is a distinct sense of sexuality in the cropping of key garments. Sleek in style and varied in fabrics the Suburban Boy gives birth to a creative vision born from the rage of a lost generation.

Benjamin’s collection will be exhibited at the Brightest Sparks exhibition in Sheffield during October this year.