“Education was a struggle. I suppose my work reflects that! Think for yourself, question authority,” Alex Mattsson tells me. Since graduating from The Royal College of Art in menswear Mattsson has been toying with leather, season to season. With an education shared by the likes of knitwear specialist James Long among Katie Eary and Erdem success seems set in cement for those particular few. Mattsson appears to be no exception.

This season Alex took inspiration from the Victorian idea of vastly improved technology. Entitled ‘Analog Visions’ this season looks into depicting an alternative present. The steampunk influence however, was only the tip of the iceberg for his collection.

“I love the idea of steampunk, but the classic high-tech Victoriana has been done to bits. While sifting through endless images of brass monocles and leather gas masks I came across a sub-genre of steampunk taking inspiration from the Soviet era and its industrial aesthetics. It immediately sparked a ‘Fifth Element, but in Russia’ vision for me.”

Mattsson’s designs reflect his inspirations well. There is an undoubtedly rebellious, punk like aesthetic. His full length leather outerwear is sleek, sartorial almost yet Alex has played on fabrics well. Fur trims and orange piping add his personal touch to wardrobe staples.

Bowling shirts come with touches of lime green in corduroy whilst boat necklines are framed with metal neck detail. There is certainly a traditional element here, yet Alex has conveyed it in a modern way. Asymmetric shoulder braces and metal neck detail add a mechanical aesthetic. Lapels are large, ginormous in fact against an intensely vibrant ‘cog print’.

Mattsson’s work this season resonates a great deal of anarchy within me and although he tells me it’s not intentional he goes on to say “it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s called me rebellious.”

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