Beauty, to Robert Wun, is more than what the eye alone can see. His curiosity towards a deeper attraction led him to microphotographs of butterflies and moths. Insects we perceive to be symmetrical and consequently, beautiful. Yet it was the flaws in nature that triggered Wun’s interest, propelling this London College of Fashion student to delve into the idea that nothing is perfect.

In order for Robert to execute his ideas on nature his process needed to be as natural as possible. “To achieve this particular idea I had to use techniques whereby you can not control the outcome, like burning and melting.

Throughout the collection burnt wadding was used as a major key material, all those flares and ruffles are wadding with burnt gradient patterns,” he tells me.

Wun’s work, perhaps a consequence of the burning, evokes a sense of loss within me. Be this through the absence of colour or the unidentifiable way in which the collection has been shot, Robert’s collection is visually haunting.

Fabrics are artificial as neoprene; lycra, foam and burnt waddings juxtapose Wun’s ‘natural’ inspiration. Ombre effect peplums, ruched and gathered dresses alongside cut out boxy jackets form the basics of Wun’s collection.Detail development looked towards the structure of insects under a microscope, examining the scales and limbs intricately and transporting these visuals into platform heels with a horned toe.

So who is Robert Wun’s ideal girl? “I envisioned my muses in my dreams when I am designing,” he says. “They must be striking, independent and bizarre in a sophisticated, yet appealing way.”