Perhaps, not a new concept, Johnathan Pearson, a photography student at The Arts University College at Bournemouth, goes about relaying a message of unobtainable perfection in the editorial world.

It is Pearson’s execution of everyday materials, however, that gives this revisited subject of heavy image editing such an original perspective.

“I looked at everyday objects that we use in our life, particularly glue and thread, and transformed them into a means of craft photoshop.” Pearson tells me.

Glue and thread form the foundations of his work, inspired by the surrealist artist Duchamp he takes on an entirely new form of image editing which demonstrates craft skill over digital editing. Johnathan has, for the most part, created a hands on form of image distortion.

Hand stitching effectively outlines editorial images in Pearson’s work. His extreme use of heavy glue also gives me the impression he has purposely distorted some images entirely, almost unidentifiable from their original source.

His interpretation of image editing conveys a message of unobtainable perfection. I especially like the way in which some elements to Pearson’s work are inherently ugly and uneasy on the eye, aiding my understanding that obsession with perfection is, entirely, an unattractive trait rife throughout the editorial world.

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