Damir Doma took us back and forth this season with a clever mix of prehistoric references intertwined with classic staples in a show that catered for the luxe life.

In a somewhat somber show Doma introduced the fur gilet to the modern day man, stripping the idea of warmth back to neanderthal basics while single shoulder fur throws added a healthy dose of exclusivity to the show.

This season has so far taught us that designers across the board are focusing primarily on the male waistline as a centre point of construction of the male silhouette. Doma added to this trend with a cinched waistline over loose fitting wide leg pants sporting detailed skeleton prints conjuring thoughts of pirate bay and Davey Jones.

Throughout the show Doma progressed towards an absence of colour altogether as shirt, tie, pea coat and sleeveless jackets appeared in head-to-toe black. However Doma, recognised for his intensely delicate draping throughout past seasons, hinted towards past collections with shearling collars layered over full length robes in heavy cotton resting assured the Damir man is evolving respectfully.