I, myself, have forever been an adoring, unofficial ambassador, and fan of Neil Barrett. His latest collection saw two toned jackets and tailored monotone print trousers come together in a shake up of the traditional young man’s evening suit. Turning it on its head and creating, in the unorthodox Barrett style, an androgynous feel through leather and wool.

 Low hanging hem lines in light weight wool caught the eye in the form of under shirts in both black and psychedelic monotone print. Both were complimented with heavy weight fabrics such as stamped leather and cashmere.

Foot wear resembled similarities to D&G gladiator sandals of last season yet combined a covered toe cap with strapped leather detail, flashing the flesh. Double breasted jackets were at the fore front of Barrett’s S/S collection combining heavy leathers with light weight cotton and polyester. Yet the tailoring in such over garments was unconventional with fitted waistlines touching on femininity with a boyish charm.