Talent spans far and wide and we’re constantly searching every nook and cranny for something, someone, that really takes our breath away. This months Stylist spotlight takes us down under as we divulge, scream, fluster and blush at the talent of editorial, lookbook and celebrity stylist Ricky James Flynn.

Boasting previous clients such as Kylie Minogue and embracing new music talent in Australia Ricky James Flynn was last year declared ‘one to watch’. Now, a year on, he works under his own name working along photographers to produce encapsulating and beautifully styled visuals. We were lucky enough to sit down with the Melbourne based fashion stylist to chat about the cut throat industry in which he is thriving.

CC: Hi Ricky! So how long have you been a stylist for now and how did you get involved in the fashion industry? 

RJF: I have been freelancing for a little over a year.  Before that I was working in a clothing store when a stylist came in to borrow clothes and offered me an assistant job. I did that for a few months, learnt all I could then I got to a point where I was ready to build my own name.  It was a really scary but exciting time for me. 

CC: You’ve worked with celebrities such as Kylie Minogue. Do you still suffer from starry eyes when you work with such big names or have you found you look at your work through more professional eyes? 

RJF: Oh my gosh yes. I would worry that I was getting too caught up in “the fashion world” if I still didn’t get starstruck and excited.  It’s exciting to be doing what I love.

Drown Jewellery for PULP magazine

CC: Looking through your editorial portfolio one of our favourites is the editorial for Pulp. It’s very rugged yet at the same time very tight and well fitted. What image were you aiming for here? 

RJF: Its funny that’s your favourite as I don’t feel that’s my strongest work.  That said it is the strongest story I have done. That’s what I love about fashion, what’s great in one persons eyes is not so great in anothers. That’s why I don’t ever say I think a certain fashion item is ugly as it could be the next big trend. So that editorial is actually a lookbook for Drown Jewellery that was also published in Pulp. It was a super fun cast.The collection was based a broken glass and broken bits of things so the designer came up with a Hansel and Gretel esq story.

CC: Recently you styled a shoot featuring black lace leotard by designer J’aton. The outfit was impeccable! We’re very jealous. How did it feel working with such a beautiful garment? 

RJF: Oh that was super exciting for me.  A lot of the garments in that editorial were the exact pieces worn by lots of big stars.  Up close the design of the pieces is amazing even a straight man would appreciate the beauty of them. What I loved about the black lace leotard is it was so different from all the other pieces but still just as beautiful, kind of like the under dog.

Black lace leotard by Jaton

CC: Another editorial we fell head over heels in love with was another J’aton piece. A white wedding gown with beautiful embellishment. The model’s red hair really stood out against a soft ivory. How do you feel personally when you see the finished image? 

RJF: Really happy. The model looked amazing in it.  It was actually a dress that someone wore to the Oscars.  The model was only 17 and I was so excited for her mum to see the images. We all know how excited mums get about seeing their daughters look like brides.


CC: It’s not everyday you come across a stylist who styles both menswear and women’s. Do you prefer one to the other? If so why? 

RJF: When I started I wanted to only style men as there are so many womenswear stylists but not a lot of photographers like to shoot menswear so I ended up always styling girls and now I love it and find menswear so boring haha.

CC: Who do you consider to be a current inspiration? How do you execute this in your work? 

RJF: I don’t know if I can name a single inspiration. I feel really lucky to be coming into the industry at a time like this. In a lot of ways I still feel like I am a student and learning everyday. It’s great to have access to things like fashion blogs, reality shows about stylists ect as they are such a great learning tool.

CC: What is your favourite designer piece you’ve worked with? 

RJF: Wow umm I would have to say the black straightened wool Camilla and Marc jacket I used in a Fashion Journal editorial.  I love the look of fur but I don’t agree with killing an animal for fashion so I love that it looks like fur but is just wool. I was so happy when I came accross it.

CC: Some of our readers might be interested or aiming to get into fashion styling. Especially editorial. What would your advice be to the aspiring stylist? 

RJF: Everyone wants to be a stylist but only a few make it.  I am not saying I have made it yet but one thing has become very clear to me.  It’s not glamorous it’s fucking hard work, long hours, crap pay and an industry full of wankers but if you can stick it out long enough you will make it and all the years you put in will be worth the pain.  Don’t become a stylist because you think it’s glossy and glam because you will just fail and waste your time.

CC: What exciting projects do you have pencilled into your diary? Anything special you would like to share with our readers? 

RJF: I am flying to Sydney to style some runway shows which I am really excited about. I’m from Sydney and it will be great to go back.  I have also just taken on an up and coming pop singer as a client called Melaine Jade and it’s super exciting being with her from the start and sharing her journey.

CC: Thank you for taking the time out to speak to Capulet’s Couture Ricky! We’re big fans here and love your work. Is there anything you would like to add? 

RJF: No, thankyou.  I have had a pretty tough life and never thought in a million years I would be doing what I love so it’s awesome to know you enjoy what I do. I hope people who think they won’t get there  know that if you work hard and stay strong you can make it in anything.