In the words of Katy Perry I am not an extra terrestrial. Quite the opposite. I am human. Made entirely from flesh, blood and a combination of little veins that keep me alive and debate ably well.  But there is a lady like no other who gave birth to me, taught me right from wrong and executed her taste in a way that left all mothers everywhere seething with jealousy and asking to borrow heel after heel. Ladies and gentlemen I give to you, a small yet insightful look into my mother’s wardrobe.

To celebrate Capulet’s Couture reigning strong for over one year and in reaching 15,000 hits we thought we’d share with you an insight into mother Capulet’s wardrobe. Some of our favorite and a hell of a killer heel. Taste must run in the family.

Designer featured consist of: Reiss, L.K Bennett, Karen Millen, Damsel in a dress, Paul Costelloe and Kurt Geiger.