I dread the moment the clocks go forward. For most the uplifting prospect of lighter evenings and Indian summer night skies come to mind. For me it is quite the opposite. I do not function well in temperatures above twenty. I’m certainly partial to the odd bit of sunbathing, an ice lolly and the eye candy summer brings with it. However my temperature suffers. I refuse to let go of my functional absence of colour. Black is my everything and here’s how to wear it when the sun shines heavily from the mid day sky.

Don’t go getting yourself in a sweat about it. You need to compromise with mother nature at some point during the summer, else she’ll continue to burn out your retinas and turn that Ann Demeulemeester shirt you’ve spent months saving up for into a sopping mess of dripping thick cotton and soaking wet cashmere.

This Neil Barrett piece (above) is my personal favorite. Don’t be afraid to show some flesh whilst leaving a little work to the imagination. Mesh proves a loose-fitting light fabric. With the low hanging hem line and wide hem lines around the sleeves this garment mixes light black leather and mesh in a way that prevents respiration in the summer sun. If you’re a little conservative pair with a white sleeveless shirt underneath for a provocative contrast.

When shopping for your summer wardrobe it is important to remember it is not the colour you need to pay attention to but much more so the fabric. Splash out on thinner fabrics through the summer. You may need to be a little more considerate towards the garment but it’s a sure way of looking chic in the heat. Sheer provides a semi-transparent appearance whilst concealing your dignity. The above sheer sweater can be purchased from Jean Paul Gaultier.

I am an avid destroyer of ‘shorts’. Whether your legs are slim and slender or a little excessive around the edges never go above knee-length. Keep it tailored and keep it conceptual, whether that’s through an asymmetric length or a loose-fitting crotch. Kris Van Assche offers the man a distinct form of detail and shape in these cotton baptist belted shorts. Perfectly tailored to look sharp yet casual. But what about shoes?

The last person to state that gladiator sandals were officially off trend was most likely a woman. Gladiator sandals are certainly a thing of the past for the female yet these mythological black leather sandals by Dior Homme had the media loving and lusting during their Summer 2011 show. Pair with loose fit linen or cotton pants.

Finally don’t forget to drape. A privilege of light weight fabrics in summer time means you can showcase more of it. Long light cotton and sheer make for perfect evening cover ups when the temperature dips. This black cotton panel cardigan by Unconditional is available from Garment Quarter.