I step away from my usual stream of blogging this afternoon to bring to your attention a brutal, disgusting, worrying and medieval attack on a man who you may owe far more to than you first may believe.
An original Blitz kid of the London clubbing scene in the early 80’s a gay figure of fashion, conceptual art and a man of integrity. Philip Sallon was beaten in the early hours of Saturday morning in Piccadilly Circus and left with multiple fractures to his skull and ribs. His attackers are yet to be caught and charged with this hideous crime.

Philip Sallon (Left) and Boy George (Right) Photo credit: Paul Sturridge

The Soho socialite, famous for his outlandish dress sense and imaginative designs, fell victim to an attack in the early hours of Saturday morning in Piccadilly Circus. Friend to Boy George and one of few responsible for the new romantic scene in the 80s, Philip is to many a progressive and ever changing figure in fashion. Beyond his unofficial role as an ambassador to young creatives he is all about fun, flamboyance and freedom. Liberal would be a word too conservative to describe the experimentation Philip has shown with fashion over the past 30 years.

Philip Sallon. Photo credit: Paul Sturridge

Capulet’s Couture is launching a campaign to aid the police in their investigation to bring Philips attackers to justice. Witnesses are yet to come forward and we hope that with your help and the circulation of this blog post we can spread the word in the hope that someone somewhere who was witness to this atrocity will come forward with evidence. Self expression is a human right. Fashion is a form of self-expression and in defending Philip we hope to defend the human right to freedom and flamboyance.

Philip with Malcolm McLaren 1976

Philip boasts a hugely rich history in the uprising of the new romantics. His friends but to boast a few have consisted of Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Westwood and Boy George. As an original Blitz Kid Philip played an enormous part in changing society and its views on acceptance and freedom to express. For this alone we owe him everything.

Be a part of the ‘Dare to care’ campaign set up by Alice Shaw, Tamara Adair and Benjamin Till by clicking here. On Friday 15th April groups of people will be gathering just before the stroke of midnight to hand out witness appeal flyers and talk to anyone who may know of anything, no matter how big or small, that could potentially lead to catching, prosecuting and putting behind bars the hideous individuals behind the attack. Spread the word, spread the truth and spread the hope that together we’ll put an end to bigoted, ruthless and savage attacks that Philip has sadly fallen victim to.

Philip at an Alexander McQueen party, 2003

Philip sporting Vivienne Westwood. Photo credit: Benjamin Till