A new addition to Capulet’s Couture is set to highlight the talent behind both up and coming and established fashion stylists within the UK. The idea, inspired by Nicolla Formichetti’s lack of design schooling, has proven that in order to excell in aesthetic it is not essential to understand and execute physical design.

This week we kick off with an incredibly talented, unconventional and boundary exploring Alexis Knox. Stylist to Jodie Harsh as well as Fashion Editor of  publication Notion, Knox proves that her skill in styling is not restricted to simply the bright and bold. Her versatility to recognise combination in cuts, shapes and colours mixed perfectly with a handful of attitude sets the bar supremely high in her most recent promotional video for sky high club night Circus.

Through a combination fo performance art and avante garde design Alexis proudly sports fingerless leather studded gloves accompanied by light rose fur shoulder pieces and black tassled ear rings. Jodie Harsh, whilst sporting a psychotic and eccentric laugh showcases an all in one bodysuit whilst mirrored panels rest on either shoulder to form icicle-esque pyramids. As balloons are tossed and time begins to tick blue paint, cream pies and bondage collars come out to play in this promotional video that pictates Alexis Knox in all her glory. Bright, versatile and downright incredible.

Yet it is not just the colour pool that Alexis submerges herself in. Through a use of sophisticated and chic black lace and aphrodite heels Knox turns her taste towards Lykke Li in this previous shoot for Notion magazine. Stern black netting and silver hot pants come together elegantly tied beautifully with white ribbon.

Styling: Alexis Knox
Photography: Photographer allocated by Notion magazine