Paris Fashion Week closed on a smokey high as Kate Moss broke every rule in the book by delivering her cellulite driven backside cheeks down a runway in a smoking hot Mongolian jacket fitted head to toe in latex and pvc hotpants. The media went crazy. Like a pack of hyenas catching the scent of fresh blood they flocked to cover the spectacle. Yet GaGa went understated, under covered and under rated as she took to the catwalk for Thierry Mugler.

The latest edition of i-D magazine is set to go down in editorial history as Mother Monster herself twists and turns in an effort, not only to promote her breasts, but to formulate an on going love affair with Nicola Formichetti and his hybrid creations of woman and ferocious animal.

However Nicola Formichetti has been met with criticism. With no formal design education Formichetti rose to the role of Creative Director of Mugler after playing editor for several publications. He nurtured Katie Shillingford, now Fashion Editor for Dazed and Confused, and is blurring the lines between designer and stylist.

Formichetti’s eye for aesthetic and execution in appearance proves that to showcase, direct and master the meanings and ideas behind fashion design it is now not essential to be able to physically design.

Model: Lady Gaga
Designer: Mugler
Photographer: Mariano Vivanco