Kate Moss closed Marc Jacobs show for Louis Vuitton  today in a deep black floral lace jacket with Mongolian fur sleeves as Jacobs investigated the connection between fashion and fetishism through a use of latex gloves, handcuffs and high-heeled platform Wellington boots.

Yet Moss stole the show as she lit up a cigarette whilst walking down the catwalk during National No Smoking day. Moss’ shock tactic comeback left many outsiders lacking the respect to cheer the model whilst she smoked.  Paris, the smokers version of any Muslim’s Mecca, has been hit with a public smoking ban in recent years however fashion editorial is seemingly turning against the companionship that smoking and the fashion industry has held so sacred for many years. We take a look at editorial campaigns against smoking.

I-d magazine showcased Lara Stone in an editorial campaign during their A/W 2010 edition entitled ‘Stop Smoking’ accompanying each image with a beauty and health care tip from each model featured.

During cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model we saw Tyra Banks throw the girls viciously into an anti-smoking campaign.

Yet not all editorial turns their back on the tobacco as DT magazine showcased Rosie Huntingtonn-Whiteley in what appeared to be a glamorised shoot surrounding smoking.