My time interning at Jasper Garvida will certainly be a remembered experience. It made me realise just how many people were behind a 20 minute show. The lights, the dressing, the goody bags, the doors, the shoes and of course the champagne all came together perfectly because of a tight-knit and well-disciplined team. I was proudly part of that team on Friday as Jasper showcased his latest collection entitled ‘Le Basier’ or The Kiss at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the official opening to London Fashion Week.

Here’s a sneak peak into the realms behind the catwalk where I was so very rushed off my toes half of my images came out somewhat blurry. If not completely obscured.

Jasper’s latest collection swung away from the malachite prints of A/W ’10 and instead, took inspiration from the novel ‘Soie’, concentrating on a love born and bred in the west which, through time, becomes encapsulated with the east. The use of stern manipulated shutters and beautifully tailored lace created a contrast in materials, showcasing two worlds, through design, that clash and consequently bond to form something aesthetically beautiful.

Jasper has forever been trademarked for his beautiful interpretation of the female figure, exaggerating the natural qualities through a taming of fabrics in both shape and formation. Being able to witness the sheer drive and energy that is poured into each and every design produced, for me, produced a far more beautiful and worthwhile outcome.

A series of prints complimented evening gowns and eastern Asian inspired slits, displaying flesh and collar. Key holes were exaggerated in size displaying vibrant colours down the torso whilst clutch bags, in blood red, formed flower representation.

Dinner with the team after the show was also a highlight!