It’s hardly music to my ears when someone tells me their profession is modelling. Half the time those who proclaim it from the rooftops pay for their experience, have never once walked the catwalk and declare they eat only to survive. Needless to say it was a breath of fresh air to sit down with up and coming male model Joe Ingham in between his castings at Paris Fashion Week to talk about the real world of male modelling and boy was he down to earth.

Joe in William Richard Green for Dazed

Joe, for those less aware, opened the menswear show for Comme des Garcons last week and starred perfectly in designer Rick Owen’s A/W ’11 menswear show sporting velvet sleeveless night black torso jackets that produced a body armour appearance. His appearances have spanned from within the pages of i-D magazine stretching across the spectrum to AnotherMan magazine. With each new project publicised Joe is seemingly sporting the face.

CC: Hi Joe. So you were just in Paris for the menswear A/W ’11 shows. How have you found the atmosphere in Paris so far?

J: The atmosphere is amazing! I mean it’s really intense because all the boys really want to get shows, but everyone is really chilled about it and just want to have a laugh! I’m done now. But as fashion week went on it got so crazy!! like everyone is rushing around to sort things out and all the models are running from casting to casting and fittings and shows!!

CC: Sounds busy. You recently walked for Rick Owens, how did you feel about his collection? We think you looked fab in it!

J:I absolutely loved the collection, it was amazing…all the materials that were used were beautiful and felt amazing on!

CC: For those readers who may want to get into male modelling but have their own reservations what would you suggest to them?

J: Just go for it…go into some agencies and see what they think of you, but don’t be disheartened if they turn you down…different agencies like different things.. just don’t spend any money on trying to make it happen…if it does happen for real then you wont have to spend a penny.

CC: Since your very first shoot who has been your favourite designer or photographer to work with?

J: I really like shooting out in the open.. so my favourite shoot would be for common and sense man that I did when i first started…Leon Mark was the photographer. The pictures he made were beautiful and i had a massive laugh with everyone that was there!

CC: How about the nerves of walking down the runway in front of so many journalists and buyers, do you feel pressured or stressed to get it right every time? Any coping mechanisms you have in order to deal with catwalk nerves?

J: I always get really nervous when im walking down the runway….but its just a massive rush to know that for the few seconds your walking down the runway everyone is staring at you and the clothes you are wearing…and the fact that massive clients could be looking at you is amazing… i just go for it..everytime I have I just think wowww… it makes me appreciate where i am and feel really good about where iv managed to get to.

CC: Thanks for answering our questions Joe, where can our readers spot you on the catwalk next?

J: Well paris is over now.. done 5 shows here, opened the show for Comme des Garcons which was amazing… will be casting for London Fashion Week in February!

Joe Ingham for Leon Mark – Common & Sense Magazine Photography Leon Mark.