Some things in life are simply made to be beautiful and Amelia Gregory is no exception. Her most recent creative project indulges into the realms of ethical fashion design. Littered with illustrations of pure imagination and highlighting the very best in creative talent Amelia’s Magazine brings a new essential for any coffee table surface.

Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion illustration is certainly a book to be judged by its cover as it showcases a  beautiful pearlised cover designed by the Arizona based artist Andrea Peterson. It is evidential that the woman behind this creation holds ethical and global issues close to her heart as she illustrates fashion in a way that exposes the benefits of ethical design in a day and age where the outlook on resources is bleak.

By Stamo illustrated by Krister Selin.

Christopher Raeburn illustrated by Gemma Milly.

The book focuses its illustration mainly around fashion however branches off nicely into areas of music and art, again accompanied with beautiful illustrations from many familiar faces from the Amelia’s magazine website. The website has forever offered readers an indulgence into the wonderful talent that lay on the front line of fashion illustration and Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration once again brings the creative power of a group of stunning illustrators to convey a strong, aesthetic and most importantly, beautiful message to the world of fashion.

Minimalism is a distant memory as Amelia Gregory focuses on a layout to keep hunger of the eyes well at bay and a creative addiction very well fed.

For me, the beauty lay not only in the aesthetic of the design and showcased illustration that the book has to offer but the message it conveys to its audience through the power of ingenious art work.