The world spins faster and faster on its axis every day. As humans, we can travel at the speed of sound, recreate the big bang in cylinders miles deep underground and worship exaggerated cuts in a new formation of fashion design. Thankfully Heritage resembles that of a white picked fence that has stayed at the forefront of a garden whilst the world around it changes.

Fashion label Crombie has seemingly been in front of our very eyes for the past 200 years. Whilst we  have submerged ourself in a modern age of extravagant shoulder pads and crimson hair the quintessential label has forever stayed true to its traditional British roots. Serving the monarchy as well as The Beatles in the 1940’s and 60’s you’re quite possibly more familiar with the signature Crombie coat that you previously thought.

The obvious issue to many would be that the brand has stayed somewhat unchanged for the past 200 years. Yet that in itself is the appeal of the heritage label. Buying a Crombie today is just the same as buying a Crombie 200 years ago. What an unchallenged act to follow. Untarnished, untouched and original design. Lending its pieces to the likes of Churchill and Kennedy the label has stayed true to its original family ties with the arts, politics and literature. How British, how refreshing and just how beautiful to see a label which, without transforming to suit a changing market, has gained such a rich and established history with no outside influence except quality.

For a label such as Crombie style and quality as well as a beautifully rich history are simply never going to be compromised.