The online shopping market has been stale and static for some time. Asos is cemented within my mind as the trash of online retail. Asos without the O sums up the appeal of the entire market when it comes to  the aesthetic of a website and user based interaction.

Machine-A, for those not in the know, is a pop up gallery in the heart of Soho. Famous for its iconic and extravagant visual displays in the window the gallery plays home to many a creative fashion designer to showcase their work throughout the year. One of the more known names who calls the gallery home is Charlie Le Mindu, a designer surrounding the ability to create a garment out of human hair. Le Mindu’s fortay however focuses on hair styling.

Graphic designer and good friend Richie Lee Kuncyusz is responsible for the creation of the new interactive online shopping experience launched by Machine-A. Some of his previous work includes the creation of London based stylist Anna Trevelyan, who was also responsible for all styling throughout the creation of the Machine-A online store.

So what’s so different about the experience created by Richie Lee Kencyusz? Through a combination of media and well tailored brain cells the online shopping experience offers buyers the opportunity to visually observe the garment in movement. The still shot model comes alive to create a higher level of awareness as to how their chosen garment falls on the body.

The launch of Machine-A offers a new and exciting development in fashion retail online as well as increasing the awareness of fresh and innovative fashion designers. Here for the first time an online store offers far much more than static eye sore.

Click here for the online store.