A mood board is proven to not be so moody in yet another colourful orgy poured onto canvas as Chantal Poppy demonstrates her vast ability to use colour without concern.

Looking back on Chantal’s previous work there is a clear feeling for colour yet this new stepping stone demonstrates the most progress and development in her latest use of stars and stripes. Sorry, I mean polka dots and stripes. The mood board, directly surrounding herself, is beautifully self-indulgent. Taking a look back to my previous feature on Chantal here, her relationship with fashion escalates into using a colour palette most artists would hiss and boo at.

She is not constructive, nor constructed. Her work portraits something purely organic whilst sticking up a middle finger to the morbid world of black a white. During my interview with Chantal her attitude towards the world (as a whole) was somewhat rebellious. But she went on to elaborate on just how boring being rebellious is today. Everyone is doing it. There has to be a fine-drawn line between going against the grain and the alternative attitude you hold and demonstrate being you. Through and through. From start to finish.

Chantal’s facial painting, which holds centre stage in this mood board, takes its inspiration from Bowie, with a twist, whilst the likes of Paddington bear and a clobber dress or two reflects both her past and present. ¬†Finally, an exciting and down to earth artist.

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