If I am to believe statistics and the collapse of the magazine business model perhaps I would state that bloggers are slowly going to strangle and choke each and every last journalist that spend their evenings relaxing in one of Fleet Streets many back alley pubs and basements.

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As much as I love to hate and hate to love Vice Magazine their recent tweet via @Vice_style left my eyes somewhat satisfied as they interviewed three internet fashion bloggers. The video was incredibly organic and lacked the usual drug related euphemism I am so tired of pouring my eyes over. Within the interview the three girls (the prominent male fashion bloggers were overlooked here) spoke briefly about the photography and modelling that they produce as content.

‘We always had difficulty finding models and I believe it’s a trend across many magazines to use people with personalities rather than just models’


Bloggers; Alice, Letty & Louise


Whether it be a conscious understanding or simply an underlying theme throughout, fashion blogging has had a substantial amount of narcissism surround it. Being deemed a page of self appraisal or self-advertisement the topic relentlessly draws back to ones own self-interest. Yet the line between professional modelling and recreational blogging is somewhat blurred as we observe more and more bloggers using themselves as models for photography shoots each and every day. Superstar blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast consistently uploads images and videos taken from fashion week. Most of the content being photos of herself in designer labels. The utilisation of both beauty and knowledge moulds fashion bloggers each and every day into a beast whose appetite is simply never satisfied.


A still shot more directed as an advertisement for Blackberry

To watch the Vicestyle video featuring bloggers Alice, Letty and Louise click here. More importantly the video includes a small interview with Fashion Director Celestine Cooney.