As journalists and designers alike ponder on new ways to tackle, fend off and destroy the digital age Burberry’s Creative Director Christopher Bailey stands high and mighty on a pedestal as he embraces the world wide web to connect more personally with fan and idols of the brand.

It was only a matter of weeks ago we sat back and enjoyed the digital streaming of London Fashion Week. If we were not there in the flesh we certainly were in spirit. It was a time of fashion tweeting trends with a twist. Christopher Bailey left behind the analogue lifestyle, taking up the responsibility of personally tweeting users via the Burberry twitter account. Needless to say the account was swamped with excess followers thriving at the chance to receive a mere few characters from the man himself.

Today brings with it a new phenomenon as Christopher Bailey answers facebook users questions about the label. Everything from the HQ in central London to ‘how do I get an internship at Burberry?’ (something I took note of for future reference). Bailey also discusses his respect for Emma Watson during her time on the Burberry campaign. If Burberry was ever labelled quintessential it is certainly breaking the mould and embracing the future of digital marketing. The PR team must be incredibly excited. Now to apply for an internship. Wish me luck. Click here to view the video.