Sitting in my lecture, Practical Journalism 2, listening to advice on dealing with rejection as a newbie to the scene my expectations were of tiny proportion as to the sheer amount of rejection I would receive in such a short space of time. As nerve racking as it was talking to Siouxsie Webster, head of PR for the Italian label Moschino, the conversation had a good outcome. The way in which Siouxsie let me down was gentle, soft and assured me the scheme was merely a first come first serve basis so the role could be filled immediately. She then went on to explain to me that we should keep in touch and that an intern opportunity at Moschino would be available in February.


I wish the Devil paid something!


It is not the lovely Siouxsie Webster I have a problem with. It is the ‘other’ PR companies and publications who phoned me specifically to state that if I was ‘serious’ about doing my internship I should at least apply myself to participate for a minimum of three months. May I add that those three months of work are unpaid, relentless and a peak time underground ticket is required. Those pennies, despite the promise of expenses covered, add up.

Naturally the best way to deal with rejection and sheer, incomprehensible rudeness from the odd publication is to get back out there and try again. So I have. I’ve sent off my CV, cover letter and a a first line paragraph (as controversial as it is) describing myself as ‘quirky.’ A guys gotta stand out from among the high volume of girls somehow right? The PR company Blow is my main point of focus right now. Of course I’ve chucked my CV out left right and centre however this company is right up my street. Blow deals with new talented aspiring designers, some of whom I adore, purely visually, already.  So wish me luck. I’ve had too many cups of coffee and I think the staff at Café Nero are soon going to ask me to leave!