So I applied for an internship at Moschino’s press office today. My lecturers will forever tell me to stop being so picky as to where I apply for work experience but I find the prospect of working for a label so futuristically chic, sophisticated and European (if I can use the word European as an adjective as opposed to a noun) quite possibly thrilling.

I simply can not divulge the secrets to becoming a stylish man. There are rules and acts one must perform each and every day in order to prevent the brain from going into vanity obsessed melt down, whilst at the same time trying to self educate ones self on designers and fashion weeks around the world whilst staying away from a substantial amount of credit cards with 0% interest. It’s all very stressful, but boy do these designers make it all worth the while.


Moschino Uomo S/S '11


See the collection in all its glory here.

Any long haired mosher would be proud behind this collections inspiration.