Rumour has it Nancy Tilbury, a course Director for a new postgraduate Fashion Programme at my university is the brains behind this beautiful masterpiece. The short clip envisions fashion in the future.

Incorporating the human body structure with sexually appealing designs, such as digital eyes as a form for the human body to emphasise intimate signals, Nancy strikes a beautiful balance between the mind and the reaction.Human flesh becomes high end couture, wedding rings grow with love as fashion design becomes imprinted into the DNA structure of a human being as well as a consequence to stimulation and feeling.

I am left breathless at the intimacy Nancy Tilbury demonstrates between designer and model.

‘A Fashion Futures Film set in 2050. Couture becomes a biological experience, gowns are assembled by gas and nano-electronic-particles, where tailoring and cosmetics are constructed by 3D liquid formations, including swallowable technologies exciting the mind, body and soul through physical expression. It is a time when couture will be cultured and farmed as fashion facets of human flesh. A Fashion Futures Film to provoke… ‘

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Digital eyes as intimate signals

Luxury growth as a Stiletto