Trend after trend after trend makes one specific blogger very tired, grumpy and occasionally revisiting omnibus episodes of Eastenders to see what Pat Butcher wore last week. Regardless of the earrings it’s not uncommon to see the low hanging ear lobed actress in leopard print. So why the sudden trend?

I’ve said, one too many times now, that a fashion blogger should always hold his or hers opinion. Blogging is lacking opinion at the moment. Fashion is not constantly about appraisal. Sometimes I don’t like something and so sometimes I’ll let you know. This time around it just happens to be this oh so safari park print. Shopping just the other day in Kingston Upon Thames with my graceful and beautiful mother it would come as no surprise that the conversation in Dunes retail store went a little something like this:

Mum: “Josh look at those ankle heels, they’re so beautiful but completely ruined with that hideously tacky leopard print interior.”

Josh: “It’s on trend mum. No. I am not lying to you. Pat Butcher is officially at the forefront of the fashion industry”.

Everywhere I go beautiful pieces of clothing are tarnished with this hideous print. Karen Millen, Dunes, Topshop even Bluemarine’s S/S ’11 show showed a wild life collection of leopard print in a variety of colours. So what do we think? Beautifully crafted or Pat Butchered?

Karen Millen pony bag £199