I did warn you all there was a very high risk that this post could come up more than once a month as originally planned. Sorry ladies and gentlemen! Get your debit cards out.

I stick well and truly with Burberry (as ever) this month as the aviator jacket is set to go no-where from my mind or many others. This natural shearling funnel neck aviator jacket should only put you back £2,995. Cheap as chips hey!

I know winter is quickly approaching, my god I even turned on the heating today, but that does not mean the sun wont be shining. You know the days when there’s frost on the ground and the sun is in full view in the mid-day sun, well I am preparing with a pair of Ray Ban aviators. These are slightly cheaper than the coat, putting you back around £110.

Back to the jackets. I am a complete sucker for a good coat or jacket. Winter is my favourite time of the year purely because I can cover up my skinny pale white legs and look phenomenal in black. Yes. My staple piece that I just can’t go wrong in. So, if you think back to my recent post on Todd Lynn’s S/S ’11 collection you’ll remember my brief rant about the jacket of the season. I think, and I quote, I described it awfully as some sort of hybrid half cape half blazer. Well here it is. I can’t quite get a price for the jacket as it’s not on sale just yet but when it is I’ll look forward to reaping the rewards! P.s If there’s any older men reading this with a rather large income each year feel free to spend a few pennies on me!

The boots wouldn’t go a miss either although I recently purchased a pair which don’t look all that different from the Swear London range. Price at £100.

This months wish list comes to a grand total of = £3205 (that’s without the Todd Lynn jacket… oh to be a millionaire!)