So your first question: What is the Triumph Inspiration awards? I was almost as clueless as you to begin with, but let me make it quite simple. The TIA is an annual contest that challenges design students around the world to create a unique lingerie showpiece, using all the talent, artistic vision and inspiration within their reach. Each year has a different design theme. This year just happened to be ‘shape sensation’. 27 countries, 27 design talents and 27 shape sensations made up the contestants who, with their ability to take a theme such as shape sensation and construct it into something beautiful, were judged by the Triumph panel.

Naturally after arriving somewhat slightly late to the event (but just in time for the catwalk show instead and of course the free drinks on hand with goodybag) I can safely say that wearing a black blogger wristband was on par (or so it felt) with how the Queen must feel at her coronation. Kayleigh, working on behalf of Mary Portas PR company took me under her wing, shuffling me through the front row crowd to place me respectfully on the 4th row. With that I had a somewhat perfect view of Adam Garcia who was nervously hosting the event (however did a great job) and designer Matthew Williamson who made up one of the six judges on the panel board, even if he did look a little bored during some of the show. Supermodel Helena Christensen, Hilary Riva Chair of British Fashion Council Development Committee, Karen Mok actress and singer, Rankin photographer, publisher and film director as well as Suzanne Mckenna head of global brand management Triumph made up the rest of the astonishingly elite judging board.

Suzanne Ferncombe, Ireland 'If I were a boy'

Grace Eliana Sugiarto, Singapore 'Preserved beauty'

Caroline du Chastel, Belgium 'Cubistery'

Phan Thi Cam Tu, Vietnam. 'Pregnancy'

Sofie Insam, France. 'Shape Explosion'

Nikolay Bojilov, Bulgaria. 'Morphology'

Nikolay Bojilov, Bulgaria. 'Morphology' - Triumph winner

Justin Singh, Canada. 'Sands of Time'

Da Da Tang Sze Man, Hong Kong. 'Diamondress'

Lodovico Loffreda, Italy. 'Memory of Shape' - third place winner

Isabella Newell, Great Britain. 'Circus Freaks'

Anette Bonman, Norway. 'Sensationally Shaped Information'

Tsai Hsuan Kao, Taiwan. 'Geometry'

Peet Dullaert, Netherlands. 'Sensimotion'

Dennis Lyngso, Denmark. 'Moth Metamorphosis'

Cristina Homen de Gouveia, Sweden. 'Body Frame'

Karine Feldman, Israel. 'Queen Elizabeth the 1st'

Benjamin Blarer, Switzerland. 'Hit-Or-Miss'

Isolde Mayer, Austria. 'Stone Cold'

Eugenia Dimopolou, Greece. 'Flesh'

Yadivi Aggarwal, India. 'Back to the Basics'

Manuel Marte, Germany. 'Human Animal Symbiosis'

Ayumi Kawase, Japan. 'A brassiere imagining a forest'

Elin Engstrom, Sweden. 'Imagomania'

Xu Yi, China. 'Fei (extraordinary) Fei (fly)'

Tovah Cottle, Australia. 'Body Architecture'

Liisa Neiminen, Finland. '90-60-90'

Amaya Carcamo, Spain. 'Wood Sensation' second-place winner

Amongst a vast sea of beautiful women in beautiful lingerie lay the likes of Alexandra Burke (as seemingly uninterested in socialising as she was, apparently her Blackberry was worth more attention) Louise Rednapp, Linford Christie and Katie Hill. After a heapful of tweets and facebook updates, as well as the bald mans head continuously obstructing my video opportunities, I was taken in beautifully by Kathleen, given the early chance of talking to some of the designers and grabbing a few photos. Excuse my shakey videos and amateur photography skills, I suppose I was just far too excited.


With Bulgaria coming in first place winning 15,000 EUR followed respectively by Spain in 2nd and Italy in 3rd the show was well and truly stolen by French designer Sofie Insam as her piece entitled ‘Shape Explosion’ elegantly took to the catwalk and in reaching the end struck a pin to each balloon producing an explosion of different coloured powders. Sofie was kind enough back stage to allow me to have my photo taken with her, her PR was lovely too! Thankfully I had my photographer on hand so keep posted and those photos will be updated here soon along with photos of what I was wearing that night and more! Thank you to Mary Portas PR company once again, and to the Triumph team for such a beautifully crafted show. Oh, and of course my free lingerie!

View from my seat!

Photo credit: Matt Crossick and all the rubbish ones would be me! More photos and videos arriving shortly. Very wobbly video footage taken by me.

Which designer was your favourite?