Carnaby Street for many hosts some of the most attractive stores in central London, regardless of Kingly Courts silly no smoking policy, the area plays home to stores you hate to love, love to hate and simply just can’t afford. Chateau Roux has been my hub when in need of a tee for a while now but here’s why I may just have to stop being such a loyal customer.

Price wise the store doesn’t seem so bad (at least not from first impressions) hosting some lovely staff members behind the till and some beautiful black and white print T-shirts I fell in love with the store from day one. The bags are pretty swanky too. At closer inspection you’ll find the edges of the T-shirts open, lacking some stitching. Now I understand this maybe how the store intends on designing their tees but quite frankly it has left me stunned and confused, a little like my reaction to the jeans you can buy that have been ripped for you. Come on people surely we’re not this lazy?

However I felt that accompanied with a jacket or coat the, almost fraying like, edges could be easily disguised and instead the all new age print could shine through. That of course was until I decided to wash the T-shirt. Taking it out from a recommended 30 degree wash I found the logo decorating the main body of the tee to be faded, washed out and looking more so like I’d had it for over a period of 4 months as opposed to 4 days. Chateau Roux, you’ve served me well. Just not well enough. Instead today I went out and had a complete change of heart,I decided to look in Topshop. I rather liked this notso-denim top purely for the excess material around the neck. It’s like a hood, all for my neck. So now, it’s mine.