It wasn’t all that long ago I spent a ridiculous fortune on a mediocre hair cut at Toni & Guy, you know, the guys who now text you to let you know you’ve not visited them in a while and that surely it’s about time you spend another pretty penny on some mediocre trimmings. Well I’ve decided that my brown locks could do with a revamp and I know just the man for the job.

Charlie le Mindu is renowned for his infamous hair pieces, draping the face, engulfing you entirely. Doesn’t matter if you can not see out from behind the layers upon layers of hair, just as long as everyone else can see you wearing it. The man himself has made hair pieces for the likes of Lady GaGa, VV Brown and Vogue Russia to name but a few amongst an enormous list of names.

Le Mindu’s A/W ’10 collection took on a very dark twist as black hair pieces were accompanied by futuristic decoration in the shape of crucifixes. Think religion meets the matrix and you’re halfway there in understanding that this mans shows prove to not only be complex in thought but also creation as detail is impeccable and not a hair is out of place.

Charlie Le Mindu is now holding a pop up salon in Machine A giving us all the chance to escape the clutches of T&G in a bid for a talented, sophisticated, futuristic and stylish new bob! So get your appointments booked, these ones are gold dust.