From this day forth the V in Vogue does not stand for vegetarian friendly. Whether you prefer yours rare, medium or well done raw is certainly making a phenomenal centre stage this year if Vogue’s trend setting history has anything to do with it.

The publication most famous for its enormous (elephant like) power to recreate a beaten down celebrity and transform their appearance is pure and simple fact.  I tend to think of Anna Wintour, in all her glory, as a washing machine. Either that or the most sort after laundrettes service this side of the Atlantic. Simply set the cycle to 40, regardless of delicates and you can pop out super fresh. A style icon to the public.

Japan does everything better, why can we not learn from the magazines circulating amongst a metropolis of futuristic cool kids who stay loyal to their publications, keeping the editor happy and causing some of the most outrageous controversial shoots than any other fashion forward country. Japan Vogue, naturally, would be the latest publication to upset the Jewish and vegetarians all in one day.

Notoriously naughty Lady GaGa bared all in a raw meat bikini especially for the publication and regardless of perhaps how many times the idea of wearing meat print one pieces has come about before I am yet to witness a member of the public disregarding the meat isle in Waitrose on the basis that they have more than enough sirloin steak hanging up in their wardrobe for months to come. Lady GaGa, we say why the hell not.