So you all know what university I go to, and I’m sure it wont bother you in the slightest to find out whereabouts I spend my days (and occasionally nights) when I am away from the big smoke and away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Lymington, a (sort of) tiny yachting town right on the central southern coast line of England has played home to me for over 15 whole years. Most famous for its snobbery against Argos when the town made the front cover of the Sun (shamefully) and now criticised by the Daily Mail for fighting off a Wetherspoons but that’s half the attraction of this harbour side town.

The town is littered with boutiques, edging away from mainstream stores such as H&M and Topshop (not one of these stores will be seen in town) and every Saturday hosts the town market, sporting some diamond buys as well as bits and bobs to make your eyes scream nonononono. From ‘Loose ends’ a classical traditional boutique, mainly for the sophisticated lady, to ‘In these Shoes’ a gorgeous little European-like shoe store to clean your credit card dry(sorry to the couple I caught mid-gorging on an ice cream). Down the cobbled path you’ll find sailing makes galore from Core, Henry Lloyd and Superdry, not to mention so many loafers you could give Hovis a run for their money.

Amongst the bearable hustle of bustle during market day you’ll find Stanwells, a boutique sporting designers from around the world, appealing to the sophisticated (but not always smiling) residents. If I vanish next week head straight for the woman in the knitwear in town, she’ll be responsible. So today I took a little trip into town and thought I’d illustrate the wonder. Good and bad…

Technicolour nightmare anyone?

And to eat? Greys! Placed rightfully in between In these shoes and Loose ends.