Take me back to my college years and I’ll tell you all about the evening I sat down with some friends, firmly in the mind set that we were cutting edge. My neon-esque attire accompanied by the most obscure overly sized  music players hanging around my neck. Then I grew up. That night I was shown a movie that not only disgusted me in terms of just how horrid England was as a country a mere 30 years ago but also just how glad I am that a bowl haircut is no longer a part of what I would perceive to be fashionably acceptable.

Channel 4 kicked off the spin off to the original film, This is England, littered with accents I struggle to understand and scalps that see more light of day than my old neon blue Rockit jacket. But what about the fashion? If I were to forecast a surge in purchases it would probably lead to me placing my bet on every Fred Perry store in the country. I’m just praying the surge in skin head culture veers away from grade 2 all overs and home made bridesmaid dresses, not to mention moped violence and god awful interior design.