So where have I been hiding all week you ask? No where too fashion orientated I’m afraid, I would trade in house hunting for a front row seat at this seasons London Fashion Week any day of the week, even if getting a ticket is as hard as being praised from my slightly over weight university lecturer.

I always had a bit of a cliché view on Graphic Design students. Having a few friends on the course since day one at university their bedrooms were always a mess, and their hair was constantly out of place, then again they’d pass it off as “dishevelled”. Their hair may well be a mess but the things these clever aliens produce has led me to believe that professionally, I may need them more than they need me. I can’t create, but I can demonstrate.

Samples by Benjamin Roebuck

CC's logo designed by Benjamin Roebuck

Benjamin Roebuck, graphic design student at Kingston University London, showed off his talent especially for the blog. I’m gathering he either reads what we write religiously or he’s expecting a wardrobe revamp. You can view Benjamin’s blog by clicking here.