Going swiftly against popular belief age discrimination does exist. It is a fact of life in the journalism field, not to mention the fashion journalism field. If I have not set up my own publication and am turning over a profit by the time I reach 25 I will count myself a failure and someone out there will likely take my place. That’s not to say I’ll leave the office quietly or willingly.

Kristen McMenamy. Now aged 46.

When I reach the ripe age of 46 I can only dream of having a career as strong and as fulfilling as supermodel Kristen McMenamy. Featured in this months edition of Dazed & Confused the silver fox spoke to the publication on her determination to make history with every picture she does. Not to mention a photoshoot featuring creations by Chanel, Balenciaga, Comme Des Garcons and Pringle of Scotland.

Kristen McMenamy. Shot by: Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia '09

Madonna is criticised constantly for being far past the age to flash some thigh, yet Kristen’s photos, including an erotica-esque shoot with Italian Vogue back in 2009 showed the model stripped bare displaying all. Every shoot Kristen does is iconic and I dare to say she will be the lady replacing Audrey Hepburn over hanging the bed of every student a few years down the line. Her beauty is natural, not manufactured, shunning the likes of lingerie model and no stranger to the knife, Caprice. Perhaps Kristen is an inspiration to those of us who are struggling with the vanity obsessed pressure the fashion world has dragged us so very brutally into. All hail the Silver Queen.