Edit: London Fashion Week S/S 10/11 schedule just announced! See it by clicking here

If you told Karl Lagerfeld that the world of fashion was suffering from a lack of injection from investors he’d probably roar at you like a 40 foot gold lion.

Centre stage. Photograph credit to Pascal Le Segretain

The remarkably stunning Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris took place on July 6th banishing the rules of the runway and instead, replacing them with a circular platform. It is no surprise that at the beginning of the recession my thoughts were far away from that of the bankers dwelling in the City of London, instead my fears directed towards the impact this would have on fashion itself and the way in which shows were executed. We’ve seen nothing quite as remarkable as McQueen’s Spring/Summer show in 1999 on “Creating an art piece” and I do wonder if we ever will again. However creative genius Karl Lagerfeld stepped up to the mark, filling a void of mourning and grief, with a 40 foot golden lion taking centre stage in Paris. The models tastefully circulated around the centre piece showcasing some of Lagerfeld’s newest creations.

Fall/Winter 2011.

Lagerfeld once again introduced remarkably sophisticated looks for women, executing the designs with fine embroidery and matching high cut boots. One piece in particular, taking a resemblance of McQueen’s final show in Paris earlier this year.

Perhaps visually spectacular shows like this prove, that in a time of economic downfall, the fashion industry is still king.

Photograph credit to Pascal Le Segretain