It will come as no surprise to anyone in any industry, let alone the world of fashion, that somewhere out there someone half your age is doing what has taken you twenty years to do yourself. The only difference is that they are not only 14-years-old but also friends with Marc Jacobs. Yes, I am a little envious.

Tavi Gevinson, American child star and fashion blogger has continued to grow over the coming months, publicity at her finger tips and a world of freebies thrown at her from the fashion world. Her recent interview with Dazed & Confused magazine left many a critic throwing the first stone, accusing the teenage blogger of representing a reformed, ‘churned up and spat out’, figure of modern-day publication interference. But at 14, surely what this girl is doing is wonderful, advanced and imaginative? I myself know a handful of fashion journalists to whom creating a voice over the internet is far too much bother. Tavi has drive.

Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson creates no false image of being a fashion expert. Her blog itself titled “Style rookie” echoes a voice of a 14-year-old teenager. Filled with opinion and quirky one liners part of what so many love about this young blogger is her youthful, pure and unspoiled voice when it comes to the world of fashion. Not too clever, not too smart.

Fashion journalist Bartek Fetysz, first caught my eye through his comments in response to the article by Dazed. His foul language and crude attitude voiced through his writing made it somewhat obvious that this male had no problem in voicing a loud, debate-ably brash opinion. A little more digging and a little more foul language later I stumbled across his blog “I am not another fashion fetishist”. Littered with simple spelling mistakes, however an interview with my favourite model Cole Mohr, the entire blog was vulgar in its use of language. But what’s new about that anymore? We’ve seen it timeless amounts of times with Vice magazine and that has forever been filtering into the depths of online bloggers. It is not new, it is not a respectable way of voicing an opinion. I was always taught that if you are to include profanities in your writing make them tasteful. Perhaps Bartek Fetysz would excel from this advice.

Journalist Bartek Fetysz. "A good journalist never cares"

The post entitled Tavi G – The Yoda of Fashion describes the 14-year-old girl as a” Stylistic Obama mixed with the imagination of Hitler” and progressing to ask the question “do you know sexy or at least beautiful female fashion editor? I don’t. And it’s kinda ridiculous that ugly people rule the world of fashion where beauty is on the top.”

Bartek told Capulet’s Couture today: “That’s my point of view. And I am always saying what I feel. No lies. Raw, simple, vulgar language. That’s me and that’s what my blog’s about.” Bartek finished with saying that “a good journalist never cares”. We beg to differ.

Capulet’s Couture see Tavi as a a young, free and fun addition to the fashion world. She is ever growing, ever changing and ever experiencing. Younger, new faces are an ever growing factor within any industry and the younger the person in question the more creditable they become. Achievements can attract the spotlight much easier, when you’re young.