High street stores offer so many of us so much, yet quantity does not insure style. Browsing regrettably at Topmans facebook page led me to ask the question how easy is it to get high street fashion wrong?

Money machine Topman recently opened its doors to the wandering public of Bath offering hope to many a man with money. Amongst a sea of free drinks and cropped skinny jeans style spotters Steve and Henry, dressed in matching outfits, hit the streets of Bath to find the most stylish male they could. Here’s what the pair came back with.

Evidently there is something lacking in a style spotter when it is believed acceptable to photograph a working man covered in paint. The team at Capulet’s Couture would much rather come back with a handful of fashionable photos instead of spreading ourselves too thin. Yet all is not lost, the Topman sale has begun and for those of you in need of a chic evening summer addition to your wardrobe here’s our recommendation.

Topman oversized pocket T-shirt

Oversized T reduced to £20