Last month followers of Capulet’s Couture made an important choice. Out of seven selected fashion gurus one was crowned winner. Here’s our better late than never interview with Queen of the wardrobe.

Chantal Poppy

We all have one. A friend we envy. A friend with a bigger wardrobe, better clothes and an impeccable sense of style whatever the weather. For me that friend is Chantal Poppy, art student and trend defying fashionista, with a wardrobe of a middle eastern princess. Wearing a sophisticated ribbon print noir dress, tribal like sandals and make up that’s so bright it’s almost illegal, she takes some time out from her art exhibition to speak to Capulet’s Couture about everything from stealing jewelery from her sister to the growing pains of leaving Paddington bear print skirts behind. All in the dark surroundings of a church crypt in Bristol.

Hello Chantal, hope you’re well today. Congratulations on winning last months poll. You have quite a unique sense of style (if I do say so myself). Where do you get your incredible accessories from?

“A lot of my items are from Portobello market, on English soil. However I adore getting accessories and clothes abroad. Amsterdam is just incredible for vintage shopping and a lot of my things are from a store in New York City. The shop is so tacky, I mean it’s covered in zebra print on the outside, but I’m a sucker for tacky some of the time. Who isn’t? I really love finding odd nic-nacs and bringing them together to create an outfit. My rule is pretty simple, no trends necessary, no rules to follow, if I like it I buy it.”

Home to so many beautiful clothes

Vintage dress from Zipper, Amsterdam

Vintage dress from Clobber, Bournemouth

Large buttoned dress from charity store, Winton

From your beautiful hanging grape earings to your floor flowing maxi dresses and jackets littered in sequins, how would you describe your sense of style in three words?

Chantal naturally gives a little look of confusion, summing up a style so wild yet so cleverly put together simply doesn’t come easy. Not even to the smartest Editor in chief. Her extravagant oversized bows demonstrate a somewhat Alice-in-Wonderland-esque theme of pure nonsense whilst her tailored flowing dresses, instead, show the sophistication of a mature  and successful lady, with a substantial taste in both confidence and fashion. “Colourful, bold and messy” she stumbles.

Chantal Poppy’s art work demonstrates an incredible use of bright colour, yet her style remains somewhat darker. Colour however, shines from eye to eye as she wears LimeCrime make up from creator and make up enthusiast Xenia Doe Deere. “My biggest inspiration is probably blogazine by Doe Deere. The slogan ‘so bright it’s illegal’ just really says it all. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed I’ve started to wear far more black. I use it as a basis for colourful prints. You just can’t go wrong with something as timeless as black, it’s a pure foundation to build up and accessorize an outfit. I don’t have a favourite designer in particular. I’m a little like a magpie to colourful prints I suppose, I don’t have to think twice about it. When you get home you can mix and match but if it’s bold and colourful I’ll have it.”

Denim jacket from Boscombe Underground, Bournemouth

Prom dress from Zipper, Amsterdam.

Chantal wears: Irregular Choice heels

Toeless boots by Irregular Choice

Metaltic tie-dye heels by Irregular Choice

Chantal's accessories from highstreet stores & London Fashion Week

As you’ve blossomed from a wide eyed 16-year-old into a Queen of both vintage and designer clothes have you seen your style change in any way shape or form?

“Well I suppose I still kind of step back to my more colourful days by sneakily ‘borrowing’ jewellery from my younger sister. I use to have this beautiful Paddington bear print skirt. I think I could get away with it a lot more when I was just a few years younger. I’ve matured my style alot since. Like I said I wear more black but with chic coloured prints. I couldn’t get away with wearing the dresses made by Phillip Normal in Camden any more. I’m a big fan of Forever 21 and the 12 by 12 range.”

Chantal shows off some of her gloriously imaginative heels from designer Dan Sullivan of Carnaby Street store Irregular Choice. It is clear her love and admiration for extravagantly chic prints lives on, instead tailoring it together with the help of black fabrics. Her eye make up, shoe wear even her beautifully bright art all come together to replace the coloured fabrics she has grown only inches away from as she has grown up. Growing pains shine from Chantal Poppy’s explanations yet her frustration with adulthood only emphasises her fine art and her ever changing fine fashion even more.

Accessories from New York City

Handbag from Butler & Wilson, London

– LimeCrime make up is available at all spaceNK stores in the UK.

-Chantal Poppy can be contacted through her facebook group page at the following link.!/group.php?gid=135907749758217&ref=ts