After sinking my teeth into the pages of Grazia last week I was shocked to discover East London had infiltrated the pages of such a mainstream magazine. London fields was officially crowned the coolest park in London, ironically the day after a shooting, and in the depths of a recession I stumbled across a new magazine. A complete load of poppycock but apparently that’s its appeal?

Random magazine available at WHsmiths

Random magazine, born amongst a decay of city banks, caught my eye the old-fashioned way. Pushed to the back, and somewhere between a same old same old mens health magazine and home gardening lay a beautifully illuminated cover of colour. Admittedly it was Kate Nash, yet the power of such Random seems to have transformed her image. The magazine offers all those of you social networking addicts a chance to step away from the laptop and sit down for a refreshing read. Fashion is taken seriously (as it always should be) yet an apparent sense of humour surrounds the magazine from page to page. Think Vice, but more attractive with far less pretentious talk for the sake of it.

Advertorial content has long haunted publications. Going from a book of fashion to a catalogue, yet Random magazine has flourished in an environment lacking investment and consumers. The publication sports a mere 3 pages of adverts at the beginning and instead filling some of its pages with styling. Someone slap me, I must be dreaming.

Finally, a magazine which doesn’t take itself all too seriously.