Sometimes nostalgia leads me to a place I don’t care to hang around in for any drawn out amount of time. As I reminisce on days I was never old enough to witness and appreciate, I begin to question whether our generations fashion experience are the remains of an era where originality and inspiration were fruitful.

Leigh Bowery 1961 - 1994

Leigh Bowery, an Australian performing artist, made his home in London  after deeming his early life as a cultural wasteland in which he did not fit well. His skill in dress making and ambitions towards avant-garde led him to proclaim himself as an inspiration to the likes of Gareth Pugh  and Alexander McQueen. Yet his life was short-lived with his battle against aids ending in defeat in 1994. The original era of originality had lost an icon, a head turner and a revolution.

Regardless of degree and education Bowery contributed more inspiration to the creative industry than anyone else of his era. His influences surround us even to those oblivious in the clubbing scene and fashion industry, every day. At a time where Lady GaGa is Queen and Grace Jones, to some, has been sadly overlooked it is fundamental for the world to understand that the 21st century holds no real historical icons. It is in fact the remains of better times which have passed us so very quickly by.