It’s the little things in life that make the big differences. Living in London I think myself lucky, surrounded by not only fashion but fashion history itself. The cultural aspects surrounding each and every store makes a buy far more special and Carnaby holds every aspect of fashion with a back bone.

Wolf Ring, The Great Frog, £105

The Great Frog store in Carnaby was established in 1972 specialising in unisex jewellery with high craftsmanship going into each and every piece. Born in the heart of the London mod scene the store has been a place of interest from musicians and fashion designers alike with Lady GaGa sporting a Great Frog mouse ring in her recent Telephone video. Contributing to the list is rock band Metallica,  the Motley Crue and Italian Vogue.

Jewlery to rock royalty is what The Great Frog offers. Their limited collection and trade mark rings revolve around encrusted skulls yet the store offers a wide variety of rings with an array of eye catching faces.

The Carnaby 20% sale starts this Thursday from 5-9pm. Sign up here for your free ticket.