Before Lady Gaga we were blessed with individual artists creating works of a familiar level. A Jamaican born girl was to hit the scene of New York City like no other.

Grace Jones recently told The Guardian how GaGa was a copycat

Grace Jones, a “muse” to the likes of Andy Warhol during the 80’s and late 70’s, was at the forefront of the fashion revolution. A self-created star whose versatile talents took her from the club scene, to the stage and even topping the US charts with a number two hit for eleven weeks.

In a recent interview Jones’s claws have been well and truly out as she accused GaGa of reproducing her image. And would they ever work together? “She did [ask], but I said no. I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

This poses one question for the fashion industry. Are commercial retailers reproducing originality into something so mainstream the entire fashion collective is dying? A previous post on New York City’s Club Kids has been offended recently through the clothing range Babycakes, producing a thankful dying breed of Slogan T-shirts spelling out “OMG WE ARE THE CLUB KIDS”. Once again retailers proving they lack knowledge surrounding the pieces they produce.

Where is Grace Jones when you need her to install the fear into these fashion fraudsters?